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Simple Move

|Session - 1
1Buddha Stamp
2Lazy about Grasping Robe 1
3Six Sealing and Four Closure
4Lazy about Grasping Robe 2
5Single Whip 1

|Session - 2
6White Goose Spread Wings
7Oblique Form
9Brush Knee & Step forward
10Hidden hand punch

|Session - 3
11Twist Shoulder Strike first half
12Twist Shoulder Strike 2nd half
13Blue Dragon Out of Water first half
14Blue Dragon Out of Water 2nd half
15Hand Below Elbow

|Session - 4
16Twist Arm Retreat
17Flash back turns first half
18Flash back turns 2nd piece
19Flash back turns 3rd piece
20High Pat Horse

|Session - 5
21R&L Front kick
23A Magic Grasp
24Double jump kick
25Heart Protecting Fist

|Session - 6
26Tornado Kick
27Little Grasp and Hit
28Push The Mountain
29Forward Brush Backward Brush
30Sweep Leg

|Session - 7
31R&L Rooster Stand
32Cross Kick
33Low Punch
34Monkey Pick Fruit
35Cannon Forward

|Session - 8
36CF - Six Seals & Four Closures
37CF - Single Whip Heart Protecting Fists
38CF - Jump Step
39CF - Oblique Form

|Session - 9
40CF - Turn Around Buddhas Stamp
41CF - Looking Back Shoulder Strike
42CF - Cut Hands
43CF - Elbow Strike

|Session - 10
44CF - Fair Lady Operate Shuttle
45CF - Elbow Form & Splitting Form
46CF - Tame Tiger
47CF - Dragon Stir Water

|Session - 11
48CF - Double Dash
49CF - Swipe Shin Leg
50CF - Two Fists & Strike
51CF - Strike Down Punch

|Session - 12
52CF - Cross Step Forearm Strike 1
53CF - Cross Step Forearm Strike 2
54CF - Big change Jump Turn Around 1
55CF - Big change Jump Turn Around 2
56CF - Waist, Twist, Heart Elbow Strike