Old Form

Class - 1 - Buddha Stamp

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Old Form Class 1 Introduction

Welcome to the Sample class of Chen style TaiChi,

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You can explore this move from four other view directions. The same format of instruction is applied to every move in Chen Style Taichi. The detailed video clips are prepared to assist your Taichi learning in live classes.

Bettering ourselves comes from practice, and avoiding injury is the first priority. The nature of TaiChi practice is balance and coordination, and the process of practice is exactly in line with this principle. Basic principles are important. However, it is hard to demand that at the beginning. You need only to remember to keep your balance and keep your back straight.


Stand shoulder's width, bend knees and rotate arms outwards swinging up to the left.

Shift weight and turn right, rotating right palm out, and rotate left palm in facing up.

Step left leg forward, shift and turn left, swing in arms centered, while rotating left palm out, and right palm in.

Bring palms to cross, with right palm in front of left, while stepping right foot forward and point toes.

Lift right knee towards chest, while curving right arm up by rotating right hand in and into a fist.

Drop right leg and fist simultaneously, allowing both foot and fist to land on the ground and in left palm.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

It is difficult when one first learn to move his/her arms and legs simultaneously. You should avoid rushing through the movement. To find the balance position, you should pulse at several spots in order to check and recognize the uncomfortable postures. Examine the video to observe how the balance is maintained at that spot for correction.


Relaxing is not equal to collapsing. Start from the first movement, intentionally, stretch long your limbs so the ligaments of your joints stretched opened up. Your body will be like an opened umbrella. This spherical shape should be maintained until the end of the last move. At that time, you slowly 'close' the umbrella.



Wu Chi before the beginning
When practicing TaiChi, open up your elbows and knees outward. In a sense, it should resemble an opened umbrella. This is called Peng Jing. This opened umbrella like tensegrity in general should be maintained throughout practice.


Reach both hands toward left front
Squat straight down 80% of the way, and turn to your left. Practice staying like that for a while until you find a comfortably balanced with proper effort.


Ready to step
A good step requires balanced weight on the standing leg. The step’s length will depend on how far the free leg can slide forward without moving balance from the standing leg.


The intention
After the free foot has landed, the shifting of weight will be in the direction that matches the vector defined by your both feet. Your left elbow should point in that direction while your right arm balances out your posture from behind.


forward move boundary
The boundary of the forward movement should stop at this position, while 90% of the weight is loaded onto the left leg.


Shift weight to move forward
Before moving the right leg forward, you must shift your weight entirely onto your left. After the weight has been shifted, your right leg will be light and free. Naturally, you bring it to the front and at a point besides the left foot.


Lift up right fist and knee
While the weight is still taken by the left side, bring your right fist and knee upward simultaneously.


The stamp
The stamp brings the first move to an end. It is a shifting weight from the left side to the right foot. The shifting presses the right leg downward. You should not force the leg to hit the ground but instead, allow it to match the shifting dynamic and simply drop it to the ground.