Here at we document Chen Style Tai Chi using videos and written instructions developed by Master Wen Pei Chou.

The lineage of our Chen Style Tai Chi is from Grand Master Chen Fa-Ke and was passed down through his many diciples, including Grand Master Pan Wing Chow.

It is a form of martial arts deeply rooted in history and is still passed down through the generations.
Master Wenpei Paul Chou is the student of Grand Master Pan and is the instructor of our on-line class.

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My initial reasons for creating this web site are as follows:

1. It is difficult to find good and complete reference materials those are created with successfully understanding to the Chen Style Tai Chi, and able to illustrate the "how's and why's" to the practitioners.

2. It may be difficult for a practitioners to commit his/her time into a fixed schedule to learn Tai Chi, especially over a long period of time, which is crucial in completely understanding Tai Chi.

3. Tai Chi movements are memorized by practitioner within a limited time, through watching and interacting with his instructor. Only a fraction of the materials taught are correctly recalled after the learning session.

4. In current on-line blog or discussion groups, discussion between practitioners is difficult to be specific. It needs to have a specific topic with replicable result that practitioners can study and research during their learning process.

Since 1996, I have committed myself in preparing Chen Style Tai Chi materials over the internet, since then, a lot of visitors who had asked if it was possible to learn Tai Chi through this media. After more than 15 years of trial and error, the web site equipped with :
1/ presenting the complete forms of Old Form, Canon Fist and Small Form, with narration and instruction as a starting point.
2/ simple routing as skill enhancement.
3/ support with Jing duel practice to develope pure and powerful Taichi energy.

With the above material and practitioners dedication, it is more likely now that we can make it possible.

- Wen Pei Paul Chou

The details of the Chen Style Tai Chi lineage is vast and stretches internationaly as well. This chart does not intend to inlcude every instructors. Click the screenshot to view the larger lineage chart.


1. G1 to G19 means Generation one to ninteenth of Chen Family. From ''Chen Style Taichi Volumn I'' by Master Pan
2. Solid line means Chen's family member, dashed line means link to student from outside of Chen family.
3. There are branches such as ''New form'' and ''Small form'' systems not shown.
4. Other important Masters not shown for simplicity.