1905 to 1996. Learn from Grand Master Chen Fa-Ke in 1931 in Pei Jing, China. More then sixty years' practice and study make him a key person in Chen Taichi study.

He founded Chen Style Tai Chi association in Taiwan, R.O.C. His publishing "Books of Chen Style Taichi" volume One to Three, detailed the most of his research paper. These books are considered the most detailed theoretical book in Chen Style Tai Chi in decades.

Foreword from Books of Chen Style Tai Chi

by Wen Pei Paul Chou

Grand master Pan spent most of his life, from 1930 to 1996, investigating the art of Chen style Taichi Quang, which he learned from his beloved teacher, 17th generation Chen family grand master, Chen Fa-Ke.

He put most of his discoveries in his notes over the years. I remember he used to show me his articles and ask if I could understand what he was trying to say. Then, with his movements, he would demonstrate the theory he described in his notes.

This is how these commentaries came about. They were written based on his long study, and tested by experience and experiment in the practice hall.

I recalled that once, when I asked him about life and death, he told me that there is nothing that remains unchanged, if there is life, there will be death. He was well prepared for it.

In 1986, his students wanted to gather resources and publish his writing. I was the one who against it. I said that, everything he`s trying to tell is in himself. We have him and all his teachings. Why bother our teacher, spending his precious energy in organizing those articles which he has shared with us every day?

I thought he would always be there, to clarify my confusion. I was wrong. He passed away the year after the third book`s publication. One day, few months after he passed away, I opened one of his books, and started to read it word by word. I realized that he was the one who wanted to put the books together. He wanted to show his teaching even after he was gone. The articles are detailed like hearing his advice in conversation. They answer all the questions we could ask, from a beginning level to the level he enjoyed far beyond my understanding.

Master Pan`s goal is to clarify the theory and the application, to remove the mystery. Following the footsteps of his, hopefully, through understanding the spirit embedded in this art, we can enrich our life and benefit others as well.